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AUTHENTIC LOVE SPELLS The Most Powerful Voodoo Love Spells
Are you seeking true love spells? If you have lost your love and are seeking a magical solution in the form of love spells, we offer you the finest New Orleans Voodoo Love Magick available. Just click on the picture of the loving couple or the link above to get started regaining your love, your life, your happiness. Only real love spells can help you. Only real love spells have the power to change things for you.
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TRUE VOODOO SEX MAGICK Learn About Voodoo Sex Magick
We carry our original line of Voodoo Sex Magick products to enhance, encourage, and take your love life to new heights! Sex spells are NOT love spells, but they are certainly a great addition to doing our love spells. A healthy sex life can enhance any love relationship! Also for attracting sexual partners, improvement in sexual attraction, and general sexual well being.
REAL NEW ORLEANS VOODOO DOLLS real New Orleans voodoo dolls
We offer authentic voodoo dolls made in our own New Orleans tradition. Each doll is made for you, consecrated for its purpose, and shipped to you confidentially. We have dolls for love, luck, money, revenge, and self-improvement. Easy to use. Complete instructions.
WITCHCRAFT SUPPLIES authentic witchcraft supplies
We offer our original, house-made candles, oils, herbs, and more for your personal spell-casting needs. All of our oils are hand blended by us. Herbs are ethically gathered. Candles are hand made by us. Everything is authentic and perfect for the discerning witchcraft practice.
VOODOO CHARMS & AMULETS voodoo charms and talismans
Authentic New Orleans Voodoo charms and amulets hand made by our own Sister Bridget! They are then consecrated by Parran Matt and Mambo Sam resulting in a triple consecration process. Charms are dedicated to our Voodoo spirits for money, luck, protection, studying, love, and more! Easy to use, easy to carry or wear.
LOUISIANA VOODOO POTIONS authentic voodoo potions
Traditional Bayou Voodoo Louisiana magick potions. Based on the recipes of Mambo Sam's aunt, these are traditional, hand-blended authentic voodoo potions. Potions are one of the most revered and original types of magick. We have potions for love, luck, money, revenge, and more.
REVENGE & RETRIBUTION voodoo revenge spells
Has someone hurt you so badly that you seek to serve them revenge and retribution? Were you hurt through no fault of your own? Did someone tear your heart out and leave you broken and powerless? If so, they deserve a taste of their own medicine. Do not be afraid to pay back those who have wronged you.
Find yourself in the position of needing candle work but unable to do it yourself due to time or lack of privacy? Mambo Sam and Parran Matt will burn the candles on your behalf, using a petition that you write. Candle service is done for you as if you were doing it yourself. Great for those who just are unable to do their own candle work.
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Are You Confused? Lost? Afraid?
We offer a variety of readings to help you sort things out! Just click here for information on the different types of readings we offer. Readings can guide you, assist you in decisions, and clear up confusion. Our readers are caring individuals who are here to help you. We have insightful, low cost readings for almost every budget!
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New Orleans and Louisiana Voodoo

New Orleans and Louisiana Voodoo is a set of spiritual folkways that originated from the traditions of the African diaspora. It is a cultural and religious practice deeply rooted in West African, Haitian, and Catholic traditions, which were brought to the area by enslaved Africans in the 18th century. Despite its rather horrible beginnings, it has been embraced by many people worldwide as their preferred Spiritual Practice. Mambo Samantha Corfield, born and raised in New Orleans, is one of the most respected Voodoo and Vodou Mambos today. She happily shares her knowledge and help with all.

Origins and Influences

Voodoo in Louisiana can be traced back to the African slaves brought to the region by French colonists. These slaves came primarily from the West African regions of Benin, Togo, and Nigeria, where Vodun was a dominant religion. As they were forced into slavery, they brought with them their spiritual practices and beliefs.

The practice of Voodoo in New Orleans was further influenced by the arrival of Haitian immigrants in the early 19th century. After the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804), many Haitians, including free people of color and slaves, fled to Louisiana, bringing with them their own versions of Vodou. The blend of African, Haitian, and Catholic practices gave rise to what we now recognize as New Orleans Voodoo. On Mambo Sam's multiple visits to Haiti, she was thrilled to hear of all the similarities between her New Orleans Voodoo upbringing and her Haitian Mambo Asogwe initiation.

Marie Laveau: The Voodoo Queen

One of the most famous figures in New Orleans Voodoo history is Marie Laveau, often referred to as the "Voodoo Queen" of New Orleans. Born in 1801, Marie Laveau was a free woman of color who became a prominent Voodoo priestess in the city. She was known for her charisma, healing abilities, and spiritual leadership, which earned her a large following.

Marie Laveau's influence extended beyond her lifetime, and she remains a central figure in the folklore and spiritual practices of New Orleans. Her legacy is celebrated every year on St. John's Eve, with rituals and ceremonies held in her honor. Famous witch, Oneida Toups once told Mambo Sam that her family had always told her that Marie Laveau wanted to remember for her good deeds in helping the poor and prisoners much more than she wanted to be remembered as a Voodoo Queen. Whenever working with her, you will gain much favor by also acknowledging that side of her life.

Voodoo Practices and Beliefs

New Orleans Voodoo incorporates a variety of practices and beliefs, including the worship of spirits known as "loas" or "lwa," ancestor veneration, and the use of gris-gris (protective charms or amulets). Rituals often involve music, dance, and offerings to the spirits. Drumming and chanting are common, as they are believed to help invoke the loas.

Voodoo also emphasizes the interconnectedness of the spiritual and physical worlds, with practitioners seeking guidance and intervention from the spirits in matters of health, love, and fortune. Healing and protection are central aspects of Voodoo practice, with Voodoo priests and priestesses serving as spiritual leaders and healers within their communities.

Modern Day Voodoo

Today, New Orleans Voodoo is a recognized and respected spiritual tradition that continues to thrive in the city. It is often practiced alongside other religious and spiritual traditions, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of New Orleans. Voodoo shops, temples, and tours are popular attractions in the French Quarter, where visitors can learn about the history and practices of this unique spiritual tradition.

Despite facing historical persecution and misconceptions, New Orleans Voodoo remains an integral part of the cultural and spiritual landscape of Louisiana. It is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of African spiritual traditions in the face of adversity.

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