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Thank you for ordering a reading. Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety and carefully read all the information below. Brother Menfò kindly requests that you read all of the information on that page. If you have not heard from him within 72 hours (Monday-Friday) after filling out this form, please write to him directly at and inform him that you have filled out the form and have not heard from him. Occasionally something can get lost in cyberspace, so it is a good idea to let him know if you have not heard from him within 72 hours (Monday-Friday).

To make sure your shell reading is the most helpful it can be, here are some guidelines for how to phrase questions.

In this form of divination, we are asking the lwa for guidance. The lwa are beings that exist outside of space and time. The way they interact with the universe is different from what we experience in our lives. It is therefore best to refrain from asking a question like, “Will Johnny return to me this year?” Instead, ask for what next steps you can take to make this happen.

It is important to remember that the future is not set in stone. We have the power to change things- that is why we do things like cast spells and get readings. Asking a question like, “Does Johnny love me?” does not allow for the complex range of emotions and other factors that Johnny is experience, as well as his potential to embrace these feelings for you. Rephrasing that question to, “Please give me guidance as to how Johnny is feeling about me?” and asking for next steps will be more helpful for your case.

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