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Ebbós, Oceanside Rituals, Readings,
& Voodoo Art by Brother Menfò

Welcome to Brother Menfò's Ritual, Ebbó, Reading, and Art page! Brother Menfò is a high-level initiate in the Spellmaker Church of the Nine Mysteries New Orleans Voodoo House. Because of his special gifts and talents, he also holds the esteemed position of Houngenikon for the house. He has been initiated as a Brother by Mambo Samantha Corfield and Parran Matthew Corfield. He has been studying for many years and is honored to be of assistance to you.


Ebbó to Papa Alegba

Now that you know about him, you may want to know, "What is an ebbó ?" Loosely, an ebbó is an offering to a Vodou Spirit (a lwa or lois) or a Santeria spirit (orisha). Ebbó can take many forms depending on the spiritual practice of which we are speaking. These particular ebbó s are the ones we most commonly use in our practice of New Orleans Voodoo.

In order to make an ebbó properly you must first be of some sort of initiatory status. Second, you must be trained to do so. Brother Menfò was trained by Mambo Samantha Corfield to do these ebbó s. Brother Menfò is now ready to do these for any lwa that you choose. From the moment of buying the traditional material of a coconut, and through them being ritualistically dressed, blessed, painted, decorated, etc., your ebbó is made specificially for you and the lwa you choose. Brother Menfò will create your ebbó as well as performing Grand Ebbó Seremoni An (The Grand Ebbó Ritual) to activate it.

While the traditional material of a coconut and cowrie shells remains consistent with each ebbó , the colors and permanent offering underneath the coconut changes according to the lwa. For instance, an ebbó to LaSirene might be painted in blue and silver with sea shells as the permanent offering upon which the ebbó sits. As you can see from the picture, the ebbó to papa Alegba sits on a permanent offering of dried red beans and rice. There are as many different combinations of possibilities as there are lwa, and then some!

Ebbó to Gran Bwa

Why do you need an ebbó? What can you do with it? Of course, as we said, it is an offering to any lwa that you choose. You may ask Brother Menfò to make your ebbó with a particular need in mind (a money petition, a love petition, etc.) or you may ask him to just make it as a general offering to your chosen lwa from you. It can be used with any spellwork, candle work, etc., to enhance that magick. It can be made for protection of your home, family, office, etc. (Traditionally you would then keep the ebbó someone near the main entrance of your home or office.) Anyway that you can think of to enhance or enrich your life, an ebbó can be made with that purpose in mind. An ebbó is something that you keep for a lifetime!

How to purchase: Just use the button below to purchase. Please note that, to ease bookkeeping chores and new tax issues, readings and services with Brother Menfò must be paid for separately from other Spellmaker items.You are purchasing this ebbó, and the ritual to activate it, directly from Brother Menfò.

Once you make your purchase, Brother Menfò will contact you by email to discuss your desires for your ebbó. You should allow approximately 3 weeks for the ebbó to be created and the ritual to be performed to activate your ebbó. The price for the ebbó and the ritual is $89.95 which includes shipping in the USA. If you desire to have a video of the creation of your ebbó and the beautiful, inspiring ritual, the price for that, including the ebbó and ritual is $125.00.

Customized Ebbò- $89.95

Customized Ebbò & Video of Ritual- $125.00

Oceanside Rituals

Brother Menfò has been trained in the art of readings and rituals that coincide with his guardian lwa, Capitaine Agwe and LaSirene. He is able to call on this powerful Voodoo lwa couple and work with them on your behalf. With a love as ancient and great as the ocean, Capitaine Agwe and LaSirene can bring their blessings to any love situation! However, he can also work with them on matters of luck, money, career, as they are said to possess the riches of the oceans and can be called upon to share those riches with all of us.

This is a ritual that can be customized to meet your needs. Brother Menfò's Oceanside Rituals involve starting your ritual at his special altar to Agwe and LaSirene. He will finish the ritual at the oceanside, where he will make your offering to Agwe and LaSirene. Brother Menfò will also provide pictures of your personal ritual and send you with an item to call on Agwe and LaSirene.

Cowrie Shell Readings by Brother Menfò

You may also want to consider having a shell reading with Brother Menfò, either as part of your ritual or on its own. Shell readings involve the "throwing of the shells" to communicate with Capitaine Agwe and get his guidance, advice, and answers to your questions. Shell readings are an ancient art that is practiced throughout many parts of the world. Brother Menfò's shell readings are unique in that they call specifically on Capitaine Agwe and his wife, LaSirene, and bring you advice directly from them. Brother Menfò can do these readings as part of your ritual with a nice discounted package (see below) for the ritual and reading. You may also order a shell reading separately by email. Brother Menfò will send you a picture of your own personal shell "throw." These readings offer a unique opportunity to communicate with and get advice directly from powerful Vodou Spirits. (Please note: Shell readings are generally limited to three or four questions to allow concentrated focus on your case.)

As with all of our other reading offerings, cowrie shell readings are not done during spell castings. You may opt to get a reading before, in between, or after spell castings. If you are doing just adjunct work (candles, dolls, etc.) then you can certainly get a reading. Just no readings, please, when you are doing, or having done for you, actual spell work. If you are unsure, please check with Brother Menfò. Please see below for ordering the reading and/or ritual. Please note that, to ease bookkeeping chores and new tax issues, readings and services with Brother Menfò must be paid for separately from other Spellmaker items. After ordering, please use this form to send in your questions.

Customized Oceanside Ritual/Readings

Voodoo Art

Brother Menfò is honored to offer high-quality, lustre finished prints of his artwork to honor the lwa. Please see below for sizes and prices. If you are interested in commissioning art to honor a specific lwa, email Brothermenfo@spellmaker.com.